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VIDEO: Chairman Risch Discusses Killing of Iranian General Soleimani

BOISE, Idaho – Senator Jim Risch (R-ID), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today appeared on several national news programs to discuss the military strike that killed Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani.

Highlights include:

Risch to Jake Tapper on CNN:

“[Qassem Soleimani] was involved in the orchestration of attacks against Americans – he had been actively engaged in the American killed in recent days and the four Americans who were injured. He has done awful things over the years, not the least of which was running the IED program that killed and maimed so many of our young men and women who were in service [in the Middle East]. This guy was on the battlefield, he was a general, and he was taken out by military action that was absolutely lawful. […] This was not an assassination. This was an act of military conduct, fully justified.”

“The president acted appropriately and should be commended for that. I hope that all Americans can get behind our Commander in Chief whenever we are involved in kinetic force like this.”

To watch on YouTube, click here.

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Risch to Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour:

“This wasn’t a political action. This was a military action that the president took to protect American people and American interests. Under the law, he is required to report to Congress within 48 hours of the action he took and the basis for it. And I have been assured in the numerous calls I have had, including talking with the president this morning, that — that report will be coming. And this was a military action. It wasn’t a legislative action.”

“[President Trump] will defend American troops. I’m absolutely convinced of it. He hates doing this. He doesn’t like using kinetic action, but he is deeply committed to protecting American lives.”

To watch on YouTube, click here.

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Risch to Martha MacCallum on Fox News:

“This is a clear message to Iran that this escalation, perhaps on the belief America is weak, perhaps on the belief this president is weak, simply because he took what I considered very reasonable forbearance on some of the things that have happened previously. The Iranians have been mistaken, they have miscalculated as they are notorious for doing and one would hope they will step back, take a breath, and realize if they escalate they will be very, very sorry.”

To watch on YouTube, click here.

To download video file, click here.


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